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If you are looking into revamping your space or having a new one built, consider reading on to know what types of services we at Construction Wilmington offer our clients.

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Construction Wilmington is a construction company trusted not just by homeowners and people in business of the city but the entire state. Being in the construction business for many years now and the most recommended by clients, any other Wilmington construction company cannot compare to efficiency in project management and quality of work. Ours is a company made up of the best and brightest licensed contractors Wilmington has ever seen!


Are you worried about your budget? Can you make it by the deadline you set? Or perhaps you wish to know about the risks of investing in a new construction or renovation project? We understand that any construction project is a huge commitment. Construction projects take a lot of time, money, and energy. With this in mind, to provide our clients an overview of how to transform their home or building ideas into reality and to maximize the potential of the project, we offer consultation services that aim to answer all the questions a client may have pre-construction and to identify the customer’s needs and collect relevant data.

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Design Conceptualization

Now that you have gotten a more in-depth view of the construction project you have in mind, the next thing you would need is a great design to complement your great idea. Our design process includes a comprehensive review of the client’s wishes or goals and an assessment of the site’s location through an on-site visit. A 3D Model of the design concepts will then be presented and proposed for discussion. These specific steps in the pre-construction phase help in determining the materials, equipment, and building systems necessary for the project and its completion.

Construction and Project Management Services

A property is a valuable investment. Therefore we at Construction Wilmington guarantee that we only provide customer satisfaction and quality service with any building project, be it remodeling a home, renovating a rundown building, or constructing a new commercial area. Our team takes safety, budget, quality, and delivery time seriously.

More importantly, Construction Wilmington only employs licensed contractors known for delivering on-time and on-budget projects. Our contractors are highly skilled communicators, approachable personnel managers, and responsible budget and timekeepers that go above and beyond on every project to guarantee the best results and meet the client’s expectations. In the event that a client simply requires overseers of their project, our team of professionals will be on-site to manage construction resources and keep the operations running smoothly.

Aftercare Program

Our commitment to our clients goes beyond the construction process. We at Construction Wilmington make sure to follow through post-construction. We only wish what is best for our clients; therefore, we ensure that critical areas of concern are fully addressed even after construction wraps. Such include construction disputes that may have occurred during the construction phase and warranty problems that may emerge in the long run.

Building Services

Thinking of updating your property by having alarms and security systems involved? Want to have your water and plumbing systems fixed? Construction Wilmington has got you covered. We keep your property in its top condition or make it better than ever through our wide range of building services that promise improved functionality and comfortability.

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