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No project is big or small for a contractor who aims to provide the most bang-for-your-buck service. If you want to know what makes General Contractors Wilmington different from the others, here are our answers:

Get the job done right. Talk to experts!

Customer satisfaction is our main priority, and we achieve it by providing you top-quality and affordable services.


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General Contractors Wilmington employees are committed to their client.

Meeting our client’s expectations is our ultimate priority from the pre-construction stage up until the finishing touches of the project. Our contractors in General Contractors Wilmington are always prepared to listen to and understand your needs above all else. Your hard-earned money and precious time will not go to waste as our contractors are dedicated to providing you efficient and timely services to address your toughest challenges, be it on home remodeling, room renovation or addition, or constructing your own commercial area.

We have an eye for detail.

As contractors are fully responsible for running the building and construction process from start to finish, clients would highly-prefer to work with those contractors who are detail-oriented. With our contractors, clients would never have any issues over the availability of tools or materials, hiring and managing subcontractors, plans, designs, and everything else that is necessary in ensuring the smooth flow of the entire home or building construction project.

General Contractors Wilmington NC

Everyone’s safety is our concern.

Contractors should be able to ensure that the project site is safe for the client, the subcontractors, and the community where the project site is. It is the contractor’s duty to inspect for any known or potential health and safety concerns and environmental hazards and inform their clients of these immediately. For the contractors of General Contractors Wilmington, safety is a top priority to prevent any incidents and to legally protect them and their clients.

We adhere to North Carolina’s laws.

Clients should choose to work with contractors who play by the rules to protect themselves from incompetence, danger, and all the legalities that may come with these. General Contractors Wilmington employees are all licensed and knowledgeable of the laws of the state related to home and construction projects. Do you need a permit for this project or not? We know that our clients already have a lot in their mind so we ensure that when it comes to the laws and applying for permits, they have nothing more to worry about.

We are transparent.

In our contract, we provide all the necessary details a client may need to know. These include the scope of work, the duration of work, any exclusions, the payment schedule, our post-construction warranty, and our physical address. In addition to that, we do not rush clients into signing the contract. Our clients are given ample time to review the wordings there and give their feedback to ensure that we are on the same page with how the project should go.

To further prove our promise of transparency, we do not hesitate in giving references to whom our clients can reach out for feedback regarding the work we have completed. We also allow prospective clients to interview our contractors and review plans with them. Doing so provides them the opportunity to build a trusting relationship with contractors from General Contractors Wilmington NC and find out whether they can work together as one team.

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Apart from being in the home and building construction business for several years now, these are just a few of all the other reasons why General Contractors Wilmington is the go-to home and building construction services provider in North Carolina. To start business with us, you may call us, send us an email, or visit our address. Our team of top notch contractors are excited to help you with designing, planning, and constructing your perfect home or grand commercial area!