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No two projects are alike when it comes to hiring a contractor since no two people are alike. When it comes to selecting the perfect contractor, trust is crucial, and much like dating, it's necessary to pick someone you are comfortable with.

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Even if you employ a general contractor to oversee the work, we have seen enough remodeling jobs to know that you will need to manage the process if you want exceptional results actively. If you become apathetic or lose your focus, you may end up paying the price — literally. Wilmington NC General Contractors provides you with several practical tips for staying on top of the task and keeping in touch with your contractor and construction crew.

Establish a Clear Line of Communication

Inquire about the contractor's preferred method of communication. The following are some excellent choices:

General Contractors Wilmington NC
  • Every morning before work begins, being on-site and speaking with your contractor.
  • Know your contractor's cell phone number and having permission to call or text them at any time.
  • Every day at a set time, speak with the job foreman.

At least once a day, meet with the project leader. This is your chance to hear progress reports, learn about the work that will be done in the following days, and ask questions and express any concerns you may have.

In writing, keep track of all changes.

Your team may run into unanticipated structural challenges, or you may decide to add more work as the project progresses. Any good contractor may handle these adjustments; just make sure he bids them in writing first. Wilmington NC General Contractor advises that you make it clear in your remodeling contract that you want change orders in writing for anything that would increase the job's cost. That means the contractor must provide you with a detailed explanation of the alteration as well as an estimate of how much it will cost. Before the work is completed, you must both sign the change order.

Allowances should be avoided.

An allowance is a line item in a contractor's proposal for something that has not been decided yet. If you have not agreed on plumbing hardware for your new master suite, for example, the contractor will enter an allowance figure in the budget as a placeholder. Yet, because these products come in such a wide variety of prices, his estimate may be significantly cheaper than what you end up paying. Before the contractor gives you an itemized quotation for the task, try to reduce allowances by sorting out all of your material and product choices. Otherwise, do enough shopping to provide an accurate ballpark price for the materials you're contemplating to the contractor.

Be a Reliable Customer

Making a contractor and construction crew love working for you is one of the finest methods to get quality work from them. That involves being firm with the contractor and paying him on time at the agreed-upon stages of the job. Being pleasant and accommodating to your employees is a terrific approach to encourage them to work hard for you.

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